New items

Reference calibration system designed to simulate and transmit units of air kerma, ambient, personal and directional dose equivalents and their respective rates of X-ray radiation into working standards and measurement instruments.
Expanded range of smart detection units for use in stationary and mobile monitoring stations and robot devices for land, aircraft and marine applications.
Radiation survey of areas in real time and search for sources of gamma and neutron radiation with GPS-referencing. Mounting on board a motor vehicle, a marine vessel or an aircraft without any special tools.
Measurement of gross alpha activity and gross beta activity in various samples: "Thick-layer" and "thin-layer" counting samples, aerosol analytical filters, as well as smear radiometry. The radiation monitor incorporates a phoswich detector. The PC-based control greatly expands the capabilities of the radiation monitor.
Geolocation application for radiation monitoring in real time. Mapping of radiation contamination areas and analysis of radiation survey data: spectra, dose rate values, identification results of radionuclide composition. The ability to operate 10 instruments simultaneously.
The new PU4 processing unit enables GPS referencing and capability of data transfer to a remote server. New alpha and beta radiation detection units (BDPA-03 / BDPB-03) with detector area 300 cm^2 and highly sensitive gamma and neutron radiation detection units (BDKG-32 / BDKN-05). Possibility to use sealed protective cases.